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The Liquid Post-It Note for the Automotive Industry!

Glide as you write on windows, windshield, plastic, acrylic and any other glass surfaces with the AutoWriter Automotive Pen. If you are curious how these car marker pens come handy in an auto body shop, read on for a quick lowdown.

Why color markers in an auto body service station?

Repair personnel in the automotive shop are often required to leave notes on visible places of the automobile; chalking out the repair needs to someone else who may find it relevant to his job. Thus, it helps improve in-shop communication and saves a lot of time and paperwork to know about the work in progress and other necessary details to help them proceed with precision.

Pick your colors

What you can do is assign a color, from red, orange, yellow, pink, green, blue or white to each department or individual to serve as identification and the technical specialists can instantly decipher which messages concern whom.

When there is no time wasted in issuing instructions or hunting down files, it reflects positively on productivity, efficiency and revenue. What's more, if you don't intend to use these automotive markers to write on cars for service or body shop requirements, then think up something creative and flaunt your skills in the form of sales messages on the windscreen. These instantly catch the eye and are sure to impress the onlooker.

What makes AutoWriter Markers different?

These interesting pens write on just about any surface, be it steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, glass, and pallet racking, and this quality makes them a favored choice in automotive body shops.

Do you want to wipe off the text and write something new? It's simple. Use a Windex to erase or you can even use cloth and water and the surface is clean for writing again on it. The color pens do not spoil the paint on your vehicle so you don't need to worry. Quick to dry and resistant to smudging, the pens form a rain-resistant barrier after about half an hour of application.

Choose the colors you want of the AutoWriter Automotive Pen and it will suit versatile use in the automobile industry.

Key Features of AutoWriter Markers:

  • Works on Any Surface: glides through steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, rubber or glass
  • Quick Dry: creates a rain resistant obstacle after 30 minutes of use for durability
  • Easy to Erase: by using water and cloth or with Windex
  • No Paint Damage: since it writes and wipes smoothly without spoiling the paint

Technical Specifications

  • Tip: 5mm (about 3/16")

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