The Bumper Thing™

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The Bumper-Thing is considered the "Ultimate Bumper Holder" and is a heavy-duty steel stand for holding and moving bumpers during and after repair work. The product is extremely durable and can help lower operating costs in your establishment.

The special wing-shaped top is designed to hold bumpers firmly during any repair process, and the whole part holder can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, making it simpler to access hard to reach areas.

This lifetime-guaranteed apparatus will help keep the bumper near the vehicle, both when it is stationary or mobile.

Special Features of Bumper-Thing:

  • One Handed Operation for Ease of Use
  • Single bar top design gives open access to the rear of bumper covers
  • Reduces the occurrence of heat warping during baking
  • Allows for easier plastic repairs
  • Has a gas spring for easy rotation; makes it easy to see all the areas to be painted
  • Has a nesting feature that makes it easy to store
  • Can roll over floor grates smoothly
  • Has strong brakes that can reduce accidents
  • Easily adjustable for different bumper sizes and users of varying heights
  • Smooth edges reduce injury
  • Ergonomic design lessens strain on users and enhances productivity

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