3M Welding and Spark Deflection Paper - 05916

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• Protect vertical surfaces from sparks and spatter
• Recommended wherever welding or grinding tasks are performed
• Adhesive backing
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Shield vertical surfaces of automobiles from damage that could result from welding spatter and grinding sparks with the 3M Welding and Spark Deflection Paper. This is an adhesive-backed paper designed to be flame-resistant. It is great for use on a variety of vertical surfaces such as automotive glass, automotive light fixtures, painted sheet metal and more.

This spark deflection paper can be repositioned after initial installation to ensure correct position by adjusting it the way you want. The adhesive-backing also helps reposition paper easily when your work needs change.

This paper is quick and easy to install. Use this cost-effective solution to shield surfaces efficiently from electric sparks and spatters, essential in any auto repair shop. Cut the paper to a suitable size to help with all vertical-surface repairs. This product should not be used on horizontal surfaces like roofs, hoods, floorboards, decklids, and carpeting. This paper is not designed to withstand burn outs from sparks or spatter that stay in one position on the paper.

How to use this spark deflection paper

  1. Install this paper in its designated dispenser
  2. Pull and tear the size you desire for the application
  3. Press paper on the surface you want to protect. If more than one paper is required, start at the bottom and proceed upward, with an inch of overlap on each additional sheet.
  4. Make sure the sheet is free of wrinkles
  5. Remove paper after the completion of the welding job
  6. You can reuse the paper on another substrate if it has enough adhesive. For best results, discard paper after one application.

Key Features of the 3M Welding and Spark Deflection Paper:

  • Flame-retardant paper for vertical surfaces
  • Adhesive-backed for quick and easy installation and repositioning
  • Cost effective protection to automobile surfaces
  • Protects glass, paint and other surfaces from spatter and sparks as a result of welding or grinding tasks
  • Cuts easily to fit repair size

Technical Specifications

  • Container: Plastic Bag
  • Base: 1 roll
  • Color: Brown paper with 3M printing
  • Viscosity (CPS) Brookfield Viscometer: NA
  • Solids Content (Appx.): 100%
  • Consistency: Solid paper
  • Solvent: NA
  • Service Temperature - °F: Normal shop conditions
  • Weight per Area: 95 g/m2
  • Size of Roll: 24 in. wide x 150 ft. long

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