3M Seam Sealer Tape

SKU #3M-08475
• Easily duplicate the factory look and function of sealers
• Rubber backed
• Two width options
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Use to seal hem flanges, door jambs and deck lid applications

To get a seam sealer on correctly is among the most important jobs you will ever do when restoring a car back to its old glory. A perfect sealing can ensure the long life of a vehicle. It is a well-known fact that all rust problems begin at the seams. A badly applied sealant may lift up, allowing water to enter into the spot welded seam. Rust ruins the seams, and you may need to replace the entire panel if the problem is not nipped in the bud. It is vital that you apply the sealant, as even a tiny gap in the sealant can lead to rot in the joints.

To get a perfect work done at the seams, you will have to get a look that matches the original sealer and makes the restoring work less noticeable. You would not want the left side of the quarter panel seam looking totally different from the right side. Tape type seam sealer works very well on areas such as the door jambs, hem flanges, deck lid, and rear compartment gutters. Apart from their outstanding sealing capacities, the 3M Seam Sealer Tape and Patch, work very well due to their uniform thickness and shape, unlike caulkable seam sealers. With a tape type sealer, you can keep away the worry of getting a bead even or waiting for the sealer to dry.

The 3M Seam Sealer Tape and Patch is 20.0mil thick, and is rubber backed. Designed to work with solvent based paint system, the tape sealer needs no drying time and you can paint on it right away. The solvent from the topcoat, when applied over the seam sealer tape directly, helps in activating the adhesive. The tape sealer does not need heat to set too.

Key Features of the 3M Seam Sealer Tape and Patch:
  • Matches the original sealer to make repair work less noticeable
  • Immediately paintable
  • 3/8" or 7/8" width options
  • Roll Length: 30ft
  • Does not require heating
  • Bond enhances when you apply the solvent
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