3M PPS Standard Kit Lids & Liners - 16000

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Save money and make your job easier with the 3M PPS Standard Kit Lids & Liners. This novel paint preparation system ensures that painters mix, filter and spray paint by minimizing waste and maximizing productivity.

With only one cup to mix and paint, the PPS system reduces chances of contamination as well as paint consumption. The closed system enables painters to spray at any angle without the worry of spilling. The PPS system reduces solvent usage and also minimizes the time it takes to clean the gun, unlike traditional methods. All this put together, improves the operator's efficiency by as much as 15%.

What does this kit contain?
  • 50 regular size disposable lids with 200-micron filters
  • 50 disposable liners
  • 20 sealing plugs

You can use the cup with graduated measurement to 20.3 oz/600 mL (with mix ratio film insert, sold separately). The maximum capacity of each cup is 25 oz/ 750 mL when filled to 1/8 inch of rim. Traditional solvent-based paint or primer application need 200-micron filters. As you dispense the paint, the liner collapses allowing you to operate the spray gun easily. You can then save and re-use unused, expensive paint in capped liner. With only one pot for both mixing and spraying, you can now save up to 70% of cleaning solvent, diminish effort, and reduce the operator's exposure to solvents.

Whether it is a small spot or a large repair, the 3M PPS Standard Kit Lids & Liners, in tandem with the PPS system offers a cleaner, efficient, and practical solution.

Key Features of the 3M PPS Standard Kit Lids & Liners:

  • Helps in mixing and spraying waterborne and solvent-borne materials
  • Allows you to work smarter and faster
  • Minimizes the use and exposure to cleaning solvents
  • With optimal material transfer, you can save paint efficiently
  • Save and re-use expensive paint in capped liner

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