3M Plastic Sheeting

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• High density, clear, durable film
• Specially treated for exceptional paint overspray adhesion
• Center printing helps with alignment
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Works Great with Waterborne Paint!

Shield your vehicle from paint bleed-through and overspray during the painting process with 3M Plastic Sheeting. It is a high-density, translucent polypropylene film that clings to the vehicle and stays intact. This film is used to protect the vehicles from paints, primers and clearcoats applied during the automobile repair process. This plastic sheeting for painting has undergone a special treatment to take care of adhesion of both waterborne and solvent paints. It is resistant to tear and grips to the vehicle surface for easy handling.

Paint masking is quick and easy with this plastic sheeting. The material is easy to handle, permitting covering of the vehicle by one person only. It resists paint flaking, and there is no need for masking paper at the critical paint edge, saving masking time and material cost. It is available in two width sizes – 12 feet and 16 feet. The twelve foot width fits small to mid-size vehicles and the sixteen foot width is good for accommodating mini-vans, larger sedans, SUVs, and small pick up trucks.

Points to keep in mind while using this 3M masking plastic for painting:

  • Make sure the vehicle surface is completely dry before you cover it with plastic.
  • Any moisture trapped under the film can lead to ghosting in the paint of the vehicle.
  • Keep the paintable side up. The sheeting features printing along the film center to enable easy identification of the paintable side.
  • Do not use this sheeting to cover fresh finishes i.e. paints and clearcoats less than 30 days old. In case you are using the sheeting on freshly painted surfaces, remove it as soon as possible and before the bake cycle.
  • Tie or mask loose ends of the sheeting to prevent clearcoat overspray blowing up under the sheeting.

Key Features of the 3M Plastic Sheeting:

  • High density, clear, durable film
  • Tear-resistant
  • Specially treated for exceptional paint overspray adhesion
  • Grips well to the automobile
  • Center printing helps with alignment
  • Available in 12' and 16' widths

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature Use Range: Up to 225anddeg; F (107anddeg;C) for up to 1 hour
  • Tensile (Machine Direction): 3000 psi minimum
  • Tensile (Transverse Direction): 2000 psi minimum
  • Elongation (Machine Direction): 100% minimum
  • Elongation (Transverse Direction): 250% minimum

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