3M Manual 200 mL Cartridge Applicator Gun - 08571

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The 3M Manual 200 mL Cartridge Applicator Gun is designed for the 3M two-part cartridge range, and it enables mixing two pack adhesives to the correct consistency. This high-performance applicator gun does not require any measurement. It dispenses 200 ml cartridges with 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratios. Boasting a heavy-duty metal construction, this applicator gun is rod driven to make sure it dishes out the product in a balanced manner.

3M provides solutions using its advanced technology methods for OEMs, designers, and body shops in the automotive industry. This automotive refinishing gun is designed to accommodate 3M Automix and Duramix cartridges. It has an ergonomically designed handle that offers a molded hand grip for total operating comfort and reduced fatigue. You can use the gun for your refinishing jobs for hours on end without any discomfort to your hand.

This gun is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum and features robust welded steel support and slides. It has a smooth action, making it simple to dispense material from the cartridges with precision. Use the 3M Manual 200 mL Cartridge Applicator Gun for bumper and other exterior automobile repair jobs.

Key Features of the 3M Manual 200 mL Cartridge Applicator Gun:

  • Manual gun for two-part cartridges
  • Suitable for use with 3M Automix and Duramix cartridges
  • Dispenses cartridges with 2:1 or 1:1 mix ratios
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction
  • Resilient welded steel slides and support
  • Rod driven to allow balanced product dispensing

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: Heavy gauge cast aluminum
  • Size: 200ml

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