3M High Performance Welding Drape - 05919

SKU #1703746
• Resists heat, sparks, spatter and flames
• Works on both vertical and horizontal surfaces
• Lightweight and conformable
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When you are using a grinder or welder, it is vital that you have the 3M High-Performance Welding Drape to protect surfaces from grinding or welding sparks. Capable of taking extreme heat, sparks, and splatter, this welding drape may be used for both horizontal and vertical surface protection. With a large size of 57" x 80", the welding drape is easy to clean and has good wear and tear resistance.

3M High-Performance Welding Drape can protect surfaces from the following:

  • Welding splatter
  • Slag from torch cutting
  • Grinding sparks
  • Applications that involve molten or hot metal debris

How to use the 3M High-Performance Welding Drape:

  • Determine the area to be protected before beginning any welding, grinding or other spark producing operations
  • Drape the entire area and use 3M masking tape if necessary
  • Ensure that there are no creases or folds that can hold molten metal
  • To protect the horizontal surface, optimize by laying two layers of drape to reduce heat transfer from molten metal

Technical Specifications

  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.214 Btu in / h ft deg F
  • Thermal Resistivity: 4.58 deg F ft h / Btu in
  • Drape Size: 80" x 57"
  • Tensile Strength: 130-150 psi
  • Mullen Burst Strength (air pressure): 230-250 psi
  • Permeability: 70-75 CFM air passage
  • Thermal Stability: Less than 1.5% shrinkage after 2 hours at 450°

3M Welding and Spark Deflection Paper - 05916

SKU #1201872
• Protect vertical surfaces from sparks and spatter
• Recommended wherever welding or grinding tasks are performed
• Adhesive backing

3M Weld-Thru Coating II - 05917

SKU #1703745
• Protects bare metal from corrosion after welding
• Zinc base
• Dries in as little as 5 min

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