3M Automix Panel Bonding Adhesive - 08115

SKU #1807665
• Adheres to properly prepared steel, aluminum, plastic and composite substrates
• Provides long lasting bond
• Can be weld bonded or rivet bonded within working time

Includes 2 mixing nozzles
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Provide solid adhesion to an amazing variety of plastic and metal substrates in the automobile field with the 3M Automix Panel Bonding Adhesive - 08115.

Being a two-part epoxy adhesive, it can give you better work-time and performance. It can bond aluminum, cold roll steel, FRP and SMC. When you need to repair a bumper or fix together roof skins, door skins, quarter panels or box sides, you may find this panel bonding glue useful.

This panel bond is suitable for use on outer body only and you must refrain from using it on structural components like pillars, core supports, rocker panels, and frame rails, which will probably require welding support.

To get the surfaces ready for adhesion, remove paint, primer and rust from them with a 36 or 50 grit grinding disc. Make metal and dry-fit parts straight. Bring them together in place and see if they align properly and complement each other well. Take out the panel from the vehicle and make use of an auto body adhesive cleaner to rid the two surfaces of grease, tar, and wax. Insert a panel sticking cartridge in the applicator gun and release a small amount on the cleaned surfaces. Spread it with a spreader to cover the entire surfaces you want to bond.

This panel bonding glue is built to resist corrosion. It has glass beads that work as built-in spacers for good bond line thickness. When you use the automotive panel adhesive at 70 degrees F, it takes two hours to glue the surfaces together. Using it at 100 degrees F will take just an hour for the surfaces to join together. The body panel adhesive has a handling time of 4 hours and takes 24 hours to cure.

Available as a 200 ml cartridge, this panel bond makes a handy addition to your shop supplies. Quit worrying any further about accomplishing plastic or metal bonding jobs perfectly when you have the 3M Automix Panel Bonding Adhesive - 08115 in your workshop repertoire.

Key Features of the 3M Automix Panel Bonding Adhesive - 08115:

  • Two-Part Structural Bond: helps bond any of steel or aluminum panels on automobile body
  • Works on Plastic and Metal: by bonding steel, aluminum, SMC and FRP
  • Viable Work Time and Cure Time: enables repositioning panels if necessary while the work is in process and ensures a tough bond upon cure
  • Heat Dependent Action: alters the cure time and speeds it up when cured at higher temperatures
  • Resists Corrosion: that can normally arise when surfaces are welded together

NOTE:This product is NOT intended to bond structural components of a vehicle such as pillars, rockers, or frame members.

This item can only ship by ground within the Continental US.

Next Day or 2nd Day, AK & HI, & International delivery not available.

PROP65 Warning WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warning.ca.gov.

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Tips for Applying Panel Bonding Adhesives


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