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Gluing glass to a metal or to glass itself is quite a challenging task without the right adhesive. Worry no more, as the 3M Automix Channel Bonding and Sidelite Adhesive works towards safely bonding moveable and stationary glass in automobiles.

This high performance, black, two-component adhesive works in conjunction with the P.N. 08197 Mix/Dispense Nozzle and P.N. 08191 Heavy Duty Automix Applicator Gun. With this fast curing adhesive, you can now easily bond automotive side glass to metal channels and stationary glass into place. The adhesive ensures that there is no waste of time or adhesive.

Before Preparing to Apply

  • Make sure that the surface area is thoroughly clean for better bonding and better durability of the bond
  • Clean glass specifically with the 3M Glass Cleaner and metal surface with the 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner
  • Channel glass requires you to apply excess adhesive, to ensure that it squeezes out after fixing
  • For stationary side glass installation, ensure that you follow the factory method, i.e. butyl tape and/or urethane sealer/ adhesive

The fast curing rate of the 3M Automix Channel Bonding and Sidelite Adhesive ensures that you are good to go in approximately one hour. Before the curing process, we recommend that you clean your equipment and excessive adhesive using a solvent such as 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner.

Directions for Use:

  • Preparation: Clean the side glass channel of dirt, oil, grease and moisture dry thoroughly. When bonding to a metal channel, first remove all rust. For optimum adhesion and corrosion resistance, prime all metal surfaces prior to applying seam sealer(s). If an acid-etch (self-etching) primer is used, a 2K epoxy or urethane primer must be applied before the application of the adhesive.
  • Clean the window glass of all dirt, oil grease and moisture using glass cleaner. Dry thoroughly.
  • If repairing a movable glass position the glass properly in the glass run channel and tape in place in the up position. If stationary glass prepare the pinch weld area as necessary, (be sure to pre-fit all parts prior to applying the adhesive).
  • Insert the cartridge into the applicator gun, remove the cap from the cartridge and dispense a small amount of adhesive until both parts A and B dispense equally.
  • Attach the mixing nozzle and dispense a small amount of adhesive through the mixing nozzle.
  • Apply the adhesive to one of the parts and assemble the parts within 3 minutes.
  • If bonding a movable glass leave the glass in the up position for 24 hours before using. If bonding a stationary glass fixture in place for 1 hour before using.


Unmixed material may be cleaned from most surfaces with an appropriate VOC compliant product.

Key Features of the 3M Automix Channel Bonding and Sidelite Adhesive:

  • Durable and flexible adhesive for movable and stationary glass
  • Requires a work time of five minutes
  • Two-component black epoxy adhesive
  • One hour drive away time
  • 24 hour paint time
  • 2-ounce cartridge

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PROP65 Warning WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warning.ca.gov.

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