Keysco 10pc Hammer & Dolly Kit For Aluminum Repair - 55300

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Designed specifically for aluminum repair jobs, this comprehensive set of hammers and dollies makes approaching and resolving a wide scope of damages easy. The kit is self-contained and all-inclusive, preventing cross contamination between other tools and sets designed to work with steel. Keeping aluminum and steel repair tools segregated is of paramount importance to prevent cross contamination, and this kit makes it easy.

Each hammer in the 10pc Hammer & Dolly Kit For Aluminum Repair – 55300 comes highly polished, making them easy to spot in crowded shop areas. This also provides an immediate recognition of tools to keep cross contamination instances at a minimum—when professionals see the red hammer heads, they'll know to think aluminum. The spoon dolly is also red for this samebenefit.

The hickory handles of each hammer allow for a strong, true grip. They're branded for easyidentification, making it simple to select the appropriate hammer for the scope of work being approached. Steel dollies and slapping spoon are also electro-chemical marked to provide quick identification. Jobs can be completed to a superior degree of accuracy, quickly, cutting down on time spent evaluating.

Heat treated and forged from high-quality, USA, high-carbon steel, the tools in the 10pc Hammer & Dolly Kit For Aluminum Repair – 55300 are built to last. They'll deliver true resultsacross every job over the long-term, making them a sound investment for automotive repair professionals and other shop workers offering aluminum repair work. The quality of the build is instantly evident when picked up!

These tools will fit in standard tool box drawers (23.25″L x 13.75″W x 3″H), making them easily accessible and viable for safe storage in shop environments.

This Keysco set includes:

  • Bumping short finishing hammer
  • Short pick bullet point hammer
  • Short chisel hammer
  • Short pick pencil point hammer
  • Rubber heal dolly
  • Large rubber dolly
  • Shot dolly
  • Large heel dolly
  • Thin toe dolly
  • Slapping spoon

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