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Paintless Dent Repair Tools

The highest quality paintless dent repair doesn’t just happen overnight. You’ve developed the skills you need to effectively remove unsightly dings and dents, but you also require top-of-the-line paintless dent automotive repair tools to get the job done. That’s why Auto Body Toolmart supplies a large stock of stud guns, pneumatic dent pullers, body line markers, magnetic rollers, and hail kits for autobody dent removal. No matter what method you prefer or how you’ve honed your skills over the years, we’ve got the equipment you need.

Our range of suction dent removers includes basic supplies like power suction cups that don’t require you to do any drilling, as well as more powerful equipment that includes our popular pneumatic dent puller and slide hammer combination tool. For more intense, specialized dent removal, you can also rely on the Dominator II, with seven interchangeable tapping heads to allow you maximum control.

Some of the most popular paintless dent repair tools we stock here at Auto Body Toolmart take things one step further by offering 12-piece, 31-piece, and even 55-piece specialist tools. When you invest in one of these larger sets, you get all the equipment you need to undertake quality paintless dent repair today, tomorrow, and if you ever decide to expand or improve your list of services in the future.

Paintless Dent Automotive Repair Tools for Less

Quality paintless dent repair requires quality paintless dent repair tools, which is why we’ve made every effort to only stock the best equipment on the market. However, we also know that your budget matters, which is why we offer regular sales, discounts, and package deals that help you stretch your dollar.

When quality matters — and when you want it for less — Auto Body Toolmart is the answer. And because our sales staff is standing by waiting for your order, we can also make sure you get your quality tools shipped right away.