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Paint Booths and Accessories

Paint Booths, Mixing Rooms, Prep Stations & More

Painting a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or other project is not easy to do. It is always a battle to protect your work from dirt, dust, and other contaminants that can foil a perfect paint job. After you lay primer, color coats, or final clear coats you have to let the paint cure. This can take days if you do not have a proper space or equipment. We make it easy to have the perfect painting space and all the equipment you need to turn around project quickly.

Paint Booths for Any Shop or Budget

We carry many types of paint booths for any size project, workspace, or budget. A paint booth is the best way to keep a clean and consistent space for painting body panels, cars, or motorcycles. Our paint booths are front flow, cross flow, or down draft style that give you many options for the type of booth your location can use. A spray booth with filters, heaters, and good lighting is key to a perfect paint job. Heating a paint booth is the fastest way to cure a paint job and get to the next steps of the project.

We have the curing lights you need to finish a job. Infrared lighting is efficient and very versatile and can work in almost any paint booth. Exhausting fumes and moving air is valuable for many spray booths whether they are front flow or down draft. They keep fresh air moving and will be more healthy for your body men. Having a booth is always a plus but having a neat and organized mixing room is just as valuable. Storing paint and being able to track your supplies is crucial and allows you to mix paint, primers, or clear instead of wasting time stumbling through piles of supplies.

Everything you need for your shop or garage when it comes to painting is sold here. We have paint booths, paint mixing rooms, curing lamps, filters, booth fans, industrial lighting, and everything else your shop may need. We offer special financing on paint booths and will work with you to get you everything you need to start painting. Financing available on Col-Met paint booths. When you need paint supplies for your projects and workshop order from Auto Body Toolmart.