Paint Booth Flooring Covering Options

Keeping your paint booth flooring in tip top shape should be a must for anyone in the auto body business. Without proper prevention, protection and overall maintenance, over time you may find that your pain booth floor has a great deal of buildup, amongst other nuisances that you’ll want to get rid of.

In the auto body business, because we use spray booths so often, it is crucial to have a game plan to keep a clean floor.

Since most paint booths have concrete floors that do not have much — if any — built in protection, it becomes the responsibility of the owner to do their due diligence in protecting the floor with the necessary accessories.

Here we will look at why it is important to protect the floors, what spray booth floor covering options are available, as well as some pros and cons of each option.

Why is it Important to Protect the Floors?

There are many reasons why you should look into floor covering.

One of the most important reasons is safety. If there is a large degree of paint buildup, residue, and other debris on your paint booth floor, you are putting both yourself and others at risk if there should be a fire or other accident.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) also has multiple guidelines regarding overspray and dirt, stating that the “floor surface of a spray booth and operator's working area, if combustible, shall be covered with noncombustible material of such character as to facilitate the safe cleaning and removal of residues.” So, in order to ensure you are meeting the legal guidelines, you should have the proper spray booth floor covering in place.

Plus, having a clean and well-maintained floor helps keep you organized so that you can deliver better paint jobs that are not marred by dirt and residue, as well as assists in keeping proper ventilation in your shop.

Options for Floor Covering

When it comes to protecting your floor, there are many choices. Below are some of the top options, and their typical use.

Spray covering

If you find yourself often sweeping up because of settling dust, you might consider grabbing a bottle of dust control spray.

By spraying a coat of this liquid in the paint booth before the vehicle enters, you can hold paint and dust particles on the floor, so you can more easily clean up and don’t risk any damage to the paint job. The floors can be swept after a paint job, and there’s no need to use water for cleaning.

Generally speaking, you should re-apply this spray after every two cars in the booth. Since this option must be frequently reapplied, it is not the best option for longevity, or floor protection, but nevertheless a great product to have at the ready.

Floor film

If you are looking for heavy duty floor protection, consider getting floor film.

This roll of clear or white films rolls out and can be applied to floors to protect them from paint, dust, and any other debris often found in a paint booth.

Many floor films can even be rinsed, squeegeed and reused. You may pay more up front for floor film than for some of the other options, but for a comprehensive, worry-free way to protect your floors, this is a great pick. It’s also a good option for longevity, as the films typically need to be reapplied every 2-3 months.

Floor paper

Similar to floor film, floor paper can do a fantastic job at protecting your paint booth floors from unwanted messes. At a cheaper price than some of the alternatives, floor paper can be a great starter option for a smaller operation with less money to burn. Plus, this paper can improve visibility by adding some brightness to the space.

On the flip side however, most floor paper is not reusable, and so you may find yourself needing to buy it frequently as it gets dirty and is thrown away.

Plastic flooring

If you would like a durable option that can be reused, plastic flooring is another great way to protect your floor, as they are flame retardant, resistant to chemicals, and sturdy even under the weight of heavy machinery.

Often a bit cheaper than floor film, but more durable than paper, this pick can be a great one if you are looking for both value and longevity.

Keep your Paint Booth Floors Protected

Whether you’re a fairly small operation, or a massive company, protecting your paint booth floors are an important priority.

While there are many options available to select from, ultimately you want to consider the present (and future) needs of your business or shop before making a selection.

Among the available choices for protection are floor film, floor paper, plastic coverings, spray coverings and the like. Each one performs a specific function, and has some pros and drawbacks worth considering.

Here at Auto Body Toolmart, we understand the importance of protecting your spray booth floors in the best manner possible. Shop our great selection of paint booth accessories to find the best item for your needs.

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