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Metal Shaping Tools

Auto Body Metal Shaping Mallets, Brakes, Tables, Shears, Rollers & More

Metal forming and shaping is an art and takes a very skilled hand to make things look good. Taking flat metal and shaping it into a round and curvy shape is something that takes skill and years of practice to perfect. Body men and metal fabricators use many styles of mallets, anvils, and an English Wheel to make straight ordinary metal into something useful. Mastering the shrinking and stretching of aluminum, steel, and other metals is not easy and can make or break a project. Creating patch panels for rotten fenders or smoothing out and shaving the door handles on a hot rod are things metal fabricators can do with the right equipment.

Body Shops and Shade Tree Mechanics Can Use Metal Forming Tools

Professional body shops always need a good quality set of shaping mallets, shears, anvils, and seamers, but even the weekend warriors working to build their dream cars can use these tools to complete the dream. Many auto body metal shaping tools are not expensive and can be easily obtained at Auto Body Toolmart. We carry a large selection of auto body metal fabrication tools to help you tackle all of your body work projects, whether they are big or small. If your shop needs Cleco fasteners, butt weld clamps or a U.S. Standard sheet metal gauge, order from Auto Body Toolmart today. We carry all the tools you need from manufacturers to know and trust like Bend-Pak, Champ, Dent Fix and more.

Order all of your painting and auto body tools at Auto Body Toolmart and we can help make your shop more efficient, profitable, and consistent. If you have questions about any of our products or what you need for a project, contact our team today!

Butt Weld Clamps Kit
Price: $18.79
Carbide Point Scribe
Price: $7.79
Champ English Wheel
Price: $439.96
Cleco Fasteners
Price: $25.99
Cleco Pliers
Price: $11.79
Hand Shears
Price: $146.98
Handle Dollies
Price: $45.99
Hole Saw Pipe Notcher
Price: $107.96
Pipe Notcher
Price: $292.96
Planishing Hammer - WFPH26-T
Price: $2,085.96
Power Ring Rolling Machine
Price: $5,949.96
Shot Bags
Price: $23.99
Shrinker/ Stretcher
Price: $239.96