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Specialty Measuring Tools For Alignments, Electric & More

Auto measuring tools and equipment are vital to successful service and repair work. Having the ability to measure angles, voltage, OHMs, amps, and of course lengths, gaps, and distances is as important as knowing where you are and where you need to go. Without either of those variables, you would be lost. 

In some types of work you can be off an inch or two or maybe off a pound or two and it is considered to be normal or OK. In body work, car repairs or scheduled maintenance, you cannot have these great discrepancies or margins of error. If your wheel alignment is off an eighth of inch or your wheel camber is off a degree or two, it can throw off the tracking of your vehicle and even wear out parts and tires faster than normal. Paint shops cannot have a dent that is not perfect or it will show through the paint work and requires a good eye and tools to measure and check surfaces and workmanship until it is perfect.

Auto Body Toolmart Understands Perfection & Details

At Auto Body Toolmart, we understand that every shop or garage needs to have access to measuring devices and tools that make sense for their needs and projects. For this reason we carry hundreds of auto measuring tools  to meet your needs and also meet your budget, whether you are a full service production shop, auto dealer, or just a shade tree mechanic trying to do the best work you can. Some projects require a certain measuring device to examine, inspect, and adjust things properly and we may carry the best of the best for that device or project. We may also carry a less high-tech option for the budget minded. Whatever your need is, we have all the measuring tools and equipment you need tackle any project. Order from Auto Body Toolmart and know you are buying the best from Dent Fix, Fluke, Mo-Clamp, OTC, and Arn-Wood.