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Kirker Paint Products

Kirker paint products are heralded as being some of the best at prices that make the big guys in the industry cringe. Having such a high quality product at pricing this low makes many scratch their heads but you won’t hear us complain. Kirker paints and primers have been around for well over 100 years and have been the go-to choice for automotive paints for many hotrodders, full service shops, and even shade tree mechanics. If you're looking for a reliable primer or clear coat to help you tackle your next project, look no further.

Kirker basecoats are made from low VOC urethane products that are extremely easy to use due to their pre-mixed factory process and are extremely durable like most single stage urethane paints. These low VOC automotive paints are compliant with waterborne standards and will keep you spraying vehicles the way you have for years without completely changing your car painting systems and processes. Most Kirker auto paints can cover in two coats and dry extremely quickly. Kirker even offers all-inclusive paint kits that contain everything you need for your next paint job.

If you are looking for a car paint that has pop then look at the Kirker Automotive Finishes lineup. Kirker carries a large line of Kirker candy paints, pearl paints and metallic finishes that can bring to life any car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. If you are a traditional hotrodder and are building a ratrod, then the Kirker satin and matte finishes are going to be up your alley.

So if you want a fantastic car paint and primer that will not break the bank but will set your shop and vehicles apart from the crowds, then buy Kirker Automotive Finishes at Auto Body Toolmart. We ship the next day and can help you with all your body shop needs.