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Ingersoll Rand

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Ingersoll Rand is known around the world as one of the best manufacturers of air compressors, air tools, and air hoses. Auto Body Toolmart agrees and believes that you can get no better air compressor or accessory for your shop or garage. Whether you need a 10HP 120 Gallon air compressor for work around your home workshop or a larger rotary screw 30HP, 120 Gallon air compressor for your body shop or service garage we carry the right Ingersoll Rand air compressor to meet your needs at the best prices on the internet.

Ingersoll Rand Makes More Than Air Compressors

While many people know that Ingersoll Rand makes the best air compressors on the market, many people are not aware that they also manufacture some of the finest air tools and air compressor accessories available. Their line of Ingersoll Rand air ratchets, impact wrenches, air drills, sanders, and many more fantastic pneumatic tools are priced nicely for any budget and are built to last for years. No matter if you need an Ingersoll Rand impact wrench for changing a flat tire or if you have a full service repair center you are getting the same high quality tool for the same price. When you own an air compressor you most likely need high quality air hoses, an effective air dryer, and an easy to use hose reel. Auto Body Toolmart understands this so we carry the full line of Ingersoll Rand air tools and accessories. These air hoses and accessories are tested to high standards and have been used in shops around the world for over over 140 years. When you need high quality auto body tools, or air compressors then order from Auto Body Toolmart.