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Glass Removal Tools

When it comes to removing windshields, there's absolutely no excuses for skimping on quality. Attempting to remove a windshield with a pry bar or some other rudimentary tool can cause significantly more damage to the vehicle than you originally intended, resulting in an unhappy customer, increased costs and a lot of wasted time. By investing in the right glass and windshield removal tools, you can ensure this will never happen to you. 

From industry-leading glass scrapers to heavy-duty battery powered windshield removal kits, our selection of auto glass removal tools offers outstanding products to help you do a great job day after day.

Equalizer® BTB 7 Blade Classic Kit E-Tool - ETK12CLS
Regular Price: $1,681.76
On Sale For: $1,566.96
Equalizer® BTB 9 Blade Kit - WKCRABX
Regular Price: $1,199.99
On Sale For: $1,099.99
Equalizer® BTB Battery Powered Tool Kit - ETK1205
Regular Price: $1,241.99
On Sale For: $1,199.96