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When it comes to auto-body repairs, most professionals rely on the Evercoat company for at least part of their supplies. Their extensive product line includes everything from fiberglass resin and glaze coats to short strand fillers and micro-pinhole eliminators. These items can be used alone or as part of your total dent repair process, and many of them are compatible with one another to help you accomplish the perfect finish. And because they are both affordable and come in both individual and bulk sizes, you can pick and choose only the products you need to get the job done.

Although Evercoat is most well-known for its fillers, putties, and specialty resin products, the company also sells dispensing tools. Options like the Evercoat 200mL Dispenser work well with many of the Evercoat products, although you can also look for dozens of compatible off-brand dent repair supplies in our catalog. Many of the Evercoat products also come with their own applicators for even easier use.

About Evercoat Products

The Evercoat company was founded in 1953 as a manufacturer of fiberglass resin materials for repairing wooden boats. Although they spent the first two decades catering almost entirely to the marine industry, the company expanded its product line to include professional auto-body repair materials like polyester body fillers and putties in the 1970s. Today, Evercoat is a major part of the automotive refinishing industry. From basic patch and repair products to high-tech composites, you’ll find an extensive suite of products to complement your auto-body repair supply closet.

Evercoat is an Ohio-based manufacturer, and we’re happy to stock a large range of their products in our warehouse. Because of the chemical makeup of many of them, shipping may be limited to the Continental United States. Contact our sales team today if you have any questions about having your supplies delivered.