Instructions for set-up of Champ Uni-Bench

(Part No. 3000)


Recommended Floor Anchor Layout for Uni-Bench Stall

Anchor Pot Schematic

To get maximum benefit from the Uni-Bench, you must lay out 24 floor anchors in this pattern and follow the instructions for set up. This will allow pulls to be made from any direction.

Back Rack

Part No. 3000 Uni-Bench Includes:

  • (4) 3002 Sliding Double Clamps
  • (2) 3003 Lifting Beam
  • (4) 3005 Standard Support Stand
  • (4) 3014 Uni-Bench Conversion Kit


Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1

1. Position car in stall. Align center pot to center of rocker panel. Put hand brake on.

Step 2

2. Raise front end with floor jack.


Step 3

3. Rest front end on 2 support stands.

Step 4

4. Fasten clamp to rocker panel pinch welds. Move fuel lines out of the way and check to see that access to measuring points is not blocked.


Step 5

5. Insert main cross tubes.

Step 6

6. Position jack under front cross tube and raise the car. Position tangs on jack pad to rear of beam to keep beam from falling off jack.Use caution.


Step 7

7. Reposition front support stands directly outboard and against clamps.

Step 8

8. Jack the rear beam up from the side of the car and position rear support stands. Lower carefully.


Step 9

9. Install conversion kit beams and collars over the main cross tubes. Tighten securely.

Step 10

10. Attach claw-sling (Part No. 7010) to center pot and thread 10 FT. chain with claw (Part No. 1010) through clamps.


Step 11

11. Attach wrench binder (Part No. 7000) to pot and chain end. Tighten very tight to prevent movement during pull.

Step 12

12. If excessive overhang is encountered, install rolling wheel stands and reposition support stands to nearest height hole.


Now you can easily handle these tough pulling situations -- plus more:

Pulling Illustrations


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