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Body Fillers

Bondo, Body Filler, Body Putty and More

Whether you need Bondo, auto body filler, body putty, or compound, you may be talking about the same types of things. Many people use Bondo for a general phrase when talking about repairing dents, smoothing out panels, and general body work repairs. In reality, Bondo is a brand and product line of 3M body shop supplies. Body filler comes in many forms from many manufacturers like 3M, Dynatron, Evercoat, U-Pol, POR-15, USC and many more.

Auto body filler is a great way to smooth out a dent or ding as long as it is used properly. Having a clean surface that has been prepped and worked as much as possible will give you favorable results. Using too much body filler or compound can be tough to sand and will take more time than is necessary to tackle the job. It is as much an art form as drywallers are with drywall mudding and sanding. You want the result to look like there was never a dent or damage there. Because we know time is money we only sell the most user friendly body filler and putty on the market. Our full line of automotive coating fillers and hardeners will work with any project or budget whether the job is big or small. So if you are fixing a single dent on a fender of your dream car or running a production body shop, we carry all the Bondo, body filler, fiberglass materials, and hardeners you need to get the job done.

More Than Body Shop Supplies

Auto Body Toolmart carries more than just body shop supplies, car paint, air tools, and 2 post lifts. We also have a fully trained staff that can help guide you with your project and supply needs. We also carry educational videos from heavy hitters like Kevin Tetz to help you complete your project. So no matter if you need Bondo, body filler, fiberglass resin, sanding discs, sandpaper, or air tools we have everything you need to fix one dent or repair thousands. If your home workshop or full service auto center needs automotive supplies, order from Auto Body Toolmart today.

The Filler Detective
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U-Pol Liteweight Gold Lightweight Body Filler - UP0745
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