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Automotive Paint & Primer

Automotive Paint & Primer For Any Body Shop or Garage

A perfect paint finish is what we all expect when we have a car repaired or painted. Getting a smooth-as-glass finish that will last for years comes down to two things: quality of labor and the quality of materials used on the bodywork and painting. We can help you choose the best automotive paints and primers for your body shop projects and deliver you the quality that you expect. We carry high-quality brands like Dupli-Color, Kirker, Sherwin-Williams, Mar-Hyde, and POR-15.   

Having the best products for fixing rust, sealing bare metal, laying a bold coat of color, and covering your colors with a durable clear coat are all important parts of the perfect paint job. You cannot just have the best auto body primer on a car and then use a lesser quality paint over it or use a cheap primer and high-quality basecoat and clear. It won’t last long and you may have a lot of angry clients when they realized you skimped on the materials you used on the work. Don’t worry — we can help you get everything you need get the job done right at a great price.  

Easy-to-Use Automotive Paints and Primers That Will Save Time and Money

We have a variety of car paint for sale that are perfect for both body shops and car enthusiasts. We also carry a great assortment of paint booths to help body shops achieve stellar finishes job after job. If you are not a body shop professional and want products that are not as labor intensive, ask us about our ready-to-spray painting systems. Dupli-Color Paint Shop Finishing System has an all-in-one paint system that can help you get the job done at a high level of quality and at a reasonable price.

So whether you are a full service auto body shop, weekend mechanic, or want to learn how to paint and refinish a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle, Auto Body Toolmart has what you need to get the job done. Call us today if you have questions about what you need to complete a job and one of our experienced sales staff members will help you get started.

Automotive paint & painting supplies are our specialty.
We carry Dupli-Color, Sherwin Williams, Kirker, Transtar, U-Pol, POR 15, USC, Marhyde & many other automotive paint & paint supplies.

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