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3M Makes The Best Body Shop Supplies & Products

For years 3M has dominated the auto body supplies and refinishing products market. They have made high quality sandpaper, body fillers, adhesives, buffing compounds, and masking tape for decades. When you are repainting a vehicle, repairing body panels, or trying to restore an old paint job you do not want to cut corners. Using quality products that are not as labor intensive as their cheaper counterparts will provide you with a professional result that you can depend on again and again. 3M refinishing products allow you to do just that. Their full line of Perfect-It and Finesse-It polishing and buffing products are the best in the business. You can see these compounds in almost every body shop, auto dealership, or detailing center across the country. They are very affordable and very effective and not labor intensive. They provide consistent results so you can depend on them every time you use them.

3M Buffing Pads & Air Tools


Most people know 3M from their full line of masking tapes, notepads, and adhesives, but most people do not know they even manufacture air tools. The 3M line of air tools is very well built, affordable, and very user friendly. The tool line includes buffers, polishers, grinders, and many types of sanders for any type of project. These air polishers, air sanders, and grinders are perfect for any 3M sandpaper, grinding wheels, or buffing pads and compounds. 3M buffing and polishing pads are made from high quality materials and are available for any painting or finishing project. Whether you are color sanding and polishing a black vehicle or applying a nice buff to an older paint job 3M has what you need. Their hand glazes and buffing compounds are easy to use and very popular in the auto industry. The clear directions and steps in using these products are the best in the business so you will never have trouble finding out what you need to tackle a project.

Order your 3M tools, sandpaper, and finishing supplies at Auto Body Toolmart today. We only carry the best tools and products in the business so you know that when you order 3M products you are getting the best!