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Paint Guns

Paint Guns

Automotive paint guns and paint gun accessories are our specialty.

We carry all of the preferred brands and our large selection insures that you will find a paint gun to suit your needs at the price you are looking for.

Automotive Paint Guns for Small & Big Jobs

Painting a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle is much different from painting the walls in a house. Car paints are always sprayed from an air powered spray gun. Paint guns like this are most always high volume and low pressure (HVLP) and have a cup that holds either paint, primer, or clear coat. This allows you to paint a body panel or even a whole car in a short amount of time and also makes it easy to apply more coats when needed. Having a quality automotive paint gun is just as important and as using a high quality paint or primer. A high quality painter sprayer is able to be adjusted for flow, spread, and speed.

Automotive paint and primer spray guns come in many sizes which will allow you to use the right amount of product for the job. A small air brush type sprayer is good for graphics, touch ups, or handling small pieces on a project. You should not have to mix a full quart of paint or primer in a spray gun or use a full size sprayer to handle the little stuff. Same goes for a big job. You want a paint gun with a nice size cup or hopper so you can lay a lot of color, clear, or primer without having to fill up often.

Best Brands of Automotive Paint Guns on the Market

When looking for a spray gun don’t settle for a cheap, low quality sprayer that may only last one use. Buy a car sprayer that can handle hours or spraying and can handle anything you want to put in it. Painting, priming, and clear coating can be very tedious. You want a paint spray gun to lay a nice and flat finish and not a lot of runs or drips that will take a long time to fix. For all these reasons we sell spray guns from SATA, 3M, DeVilbiss, Sharpe, Anest Iwata, and Binks. These well-known and high quality brands can help you create a professional finish every time and are highly adjustable for any type of material you may want to spray.

Call us today and order the best automotive paint guns on the market for car paint and primer. We have a highly trained staff and a large inventory to handle your order for your body shop or even your personal projects so don’t wait any longer, buy the best auto body supplies with Auto Body Toolmart today!