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The Zolatone line of products offers a complete range of water-based multicolor finishes to bring an ideal balance of tactile beauty and functional performance to any interior. Commonly used for boat interiors, truck beds, and interior automotive compartments, Zolatone paint is recognizable by its flecked texture and appearance. It’s considered one of the most durable finishes out there, and is popular among refinishing shops that focus on long-term wear and tear. 

In fact, Zolatone is one of the only paint products to stand up against regular washing, waxing, chipping, abrading, and scratching. It’s also considered a highly “forgiving” product, which means you can use it to quickly and easily cover manufacturer defects without losing anything in terms of overall appearance.

Most Zolatone paint finishes come from the Zolatone 20 Series, which have a modified, nitrocellulose coating in varied colors like black, gray, charcoal, and marble. Offered in both gallon and quart sizes, you can purchase exactly as much of this product as you need to complete the job. Zolatone also offers items like epoxy primer (to protect metal surfaces), a urethane reducer, a Quick-Step Catalyst to improve water resistance, and clear coats (for even more durability) so you can perform an entire interior refinish within the same brand.

About Zolatone  

Zolatone began as a manufacturer for liners for Airstream trailers and car trunks over fifty years ago. Their textured paints and primers can be found in automobiles from every decade since then, providing durable interior and exterior surfacing that’s held up for years.

Today, the company not only continues to sell durable coatings that resist wear from abrasion, scratching, and chipping, but they also have a commitment to upholding high standards in manufacturing eco-friendly paints. Water-based products and LEED-compliant materials meet stringent environmental regulations, which means you can always feel good about using Zolatone for your refinishing projects.