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Safety matters. That's why having the proper lighting in your auto body shop is a must. With ABTM's wide selection of LED worklamps, you're sure to find the right kind of illumination for your needs. The ECCO Square LED Worklamp offers the latest technology and brightest white light for your use. It's a high-powered LED model with over 80,000 hours of maintenance free life expectancy and a very low amp draw. For a high intensity beam, the Ecco LED Beam, Square Worklamp delivers what you need, with 9 10-watt LEDs. If you're in need of a flood beam, look no further than the Ecco Worklamp: 8 LED Flood Beam, featuring 12-24 VDC, 8 LEDs, and 1.2 amps. Shop ABTM's selection today for all the LED worklamps and LED worklights you need!