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Work Tables & Benches

Auto shop work benches are an extension of your shop. They let you work, sort, analyze, and stay organized. A clean work bench or shop table is great for small projects, banging with hammers, taking apart body panels, locks, carburetors, and detail work like sanding, polishing, and cleaning. Whether you have a big service center, custom body shop, or a work area in your garage having a work table or workbench is ideal. You can work on your projects at waist level and not worry about hurting your back from bending over. They are also great for welding with a MIG welder and keeping things locked down with a vice.  

We Carry More Than One Type of Work Table & Benches

Auto Body Toolmart carries automotive work tables, work benches, and work stands in many sizes and shapes and for any budget. Our shop tables and work benches are constructed from solid materials like steel and aluminum and held together with quality nuts and bolts. They are not weak particle board held together with screws that will fall apart quickly. The attention to detail in our folding and rolling work tables is phenomenal with solid casters, high strength finishes, and even a workbench with a fluid catch for working on small engines, brake cylinders, and much more.

The great thing about rolling work carts is you can bring your tools and supplies to where you want to work and maneuver it around a vehicle. This saves lots of time when you are working on multiple sides of a vehicle and need a wrench, socket, or screwdriver for different tasks. Maybe you are detailing a vehicle and need a rolling cart to store your 3M polishes, buffing pads, and waxes or even a roll of shop towels.

If you need a high strength work table or rolling workbench, then look no further. Auto Body Toolmart carries everything you need to keep your shop organized and give you the workspace you need to get the job done. Order all your shop equipment and supplies today at Auto Body Toolmart and save!