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Work Platforms

Increase your comfort and productivity on the job with a work platform. By raising and lowering your height while you work, platforms and automotive step stools allow you to not only reach difficult areas, but also reduce the chances of an accident or mishap.

Because we feel that your safety is the most important thing, all of the aluminum work platforms we carry at Auto Body Toolmart boast features like locking and adjustable safety legs and no-skid, gripping feet. They also come in variable weights, so you can match the perfect-sized work platform for the job.

For a basic step-stool design that's ideal for reaching up high to wash or paint taller vehicles, try a folding aluminum work table or a truck step with a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. If you need to go higher and move around the car with ease, the Champ 7 Foot Folding Work Platform is a good choice. Not only does it provide more surface area (and come with optional extension legs for higher reach), but it also folds up for easy and compact storage. Adjustable paint work platforms are also available through the Auto Body Toolmart warehouses. The ladder design allows you to reach higher, and also provides a stable hand-hold and bracing bar for leaning.

Safety and Work Platforms

Automotive work platforms are an important part of the modern repair or body shop. With so many different types of vehicles to take care of (including taller trucks, SUVs, and even boats), you need to adjust your garage’s capabilities to match. Work platforms make it easy and affordable to do.

Don’t risk you or one of your employees getting injured on the job. Purchase a work platform designed to reduce the chances of an accident while also improving your overall work quality, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed to get by without one.