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Work Lights

Whether you are climbing underneath a car or truck or looking under the hood, having good lighting is crucial for most tasks. With so many nooks and crannies on vehicles, even in the brightest sunlight you may not see what you are looking for. This is why we carry so many body shop lights and work lights. Having such a large selection allows us to carry big fluorescent lights for body work, shop lights, and large areas or smaller mobile work lights that are easy to maneuver. We carry top brands like Champ, Astro and Craftsman to provide you with quality you can count on.

More Than One Light for the Job

Just because you have a good amount of light in your shop or garage does not mean you will not need other sources of light to tackle your projects. Some lights are great for flooding an area with a spill of light. These include ceiling lights or shop lights that you hang on walls or light carts. This light gives you an overall beam of light to handle tasks like walking, reaching for tools, and examining body damage on a wrecked car. Yet in many instances you may need a flashlight or an underhood light to see under a dashboard or underneath a car to get to a bolt or screw. 

In today’s technological world we are able to squeeze more and more light out of advanced LED bulbs that also run longer, are more durable, and do not produce the heat that many halogen bulbs create. With this in mind the evolution of lighting and the new ways it can make working on cars or projects easier will continue to evolve. All you need to do is follow Auto Body Toolmart. We will continue stocking the best shop lights and most advanced work lights so you can just click, buy and save time for more important things like painting a car or welding a panel. If you need the best shop lighting in the business order from us today.