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Woodward FAB

Woodward FAB tools are affordable yet reliable tools that are designed to improve your metal fabrication processes. You'll find best-selling sheet metal tools like the Track Torch (HK-12), a portable yet powerful machine that helps cut plates up to 2 inches thick, as well as the 50" Slip Roll and Stand. Woodward FAB automotive tools are must-haves for any shop who is looking to step up their sheet metal game and improve their productivity — and Auto Body Toolmart is the premier online destination for them. E

xcellent selection, outstanding customer service ... what more could you ask for? Shop our collection of Woodward FAB tools today!

Bevel-Mill Model 7000
Price: $1,861.96
Bevel-Mill Model 8000
Price: $2,484.96
Bevel-Mill Model 9000
Price: $3,003.96
Cold Saw 315 - 12 1/2" BLADE
Price: $2,468.96
Electric Pipe Notcher - WFN4
Price: $3,717.96
Elite Slip Roll
Price: $1,455.96
Knock Out Punch Kit - RPK1
Regular Price: $129.96
On Sale For: $119.96
Manual Iron Worker - WF1W
Price: $657.96
Manual Punch - WFP20
Price: $834.96
Ring Roller - WFRR3
Price: $129.99
Rotary Former - SPRF
Price: $385.96
Shape Beveler - S186-E
Price: $720.96