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Uni-Vac Dent Puller

Uni-Vac Dent Puller

Uni-Vac Dent Puller

H&S Auto Shot
SKU:    HS-DTK-7700
Price: $189.99

Great for Mobile Repair Operations!

Pull soft dents from body panels quickly and effortlessly with the Uni-Vac Dent Puller, without requiring a connection to an air line. This dent puller is great for professional use, and it comes with three vacuum cups of different sizes (3", 4" and 5"). It features a self-contained vacuum feature and can be used inside a body shop or outside in the yard.

The Uni-Vac Dent Puller works on steel or aluminum panels, and also bumpers. It makes dent repair jobs easy and is a useful addition to the garage of DIY enthusiasts who prefer to undertake minor dent repair jobs on their own. This dent puller creates suction with a hand pump that is built into the handle. With three different suction head sizes, you can use the one that suits your dent repair job. It works great for mobile repair operations.

Using the dent puller, you can keep your car in good condition by correcting dents using its vacuum-operated suction method. This quality machined dent puller deploys advanced technology and knows just how to restore your car to looking as good as new.

How to Use the Uni-Vac Dent Puller

  1. Choose a cup size that offers the right coverage on the dent.
  2. Securely seal the vacuum cup to the base of the tool. Tighten the cup properly so that there is no leakage, and it is ready for use.
  3. Press down firmly on the dent and tighten the air pressure valve on the handle.
  4. Push down the vacuum pump on the top of the handle till the red line disappears to establish a proper vacuum.
  5. Use the slide hammer to make the pull and that will correct the dent.
  6. When the job is complete, release the air pressure valve and remove the tool.

Key Features of the Uni-Vac Dent Puller:

  • Fixes small dents quickly without requiring an air line connection
  • Three different sizes of suction heads (3", 4" and 5") – to match your requirement
  • Works in the shop or in your home garage
  • Creates vacuum-operated suction using the hand pump on the handle
  • Functions well on aluminum or steel panels; works on bumpers too

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