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The Uni-Ram Corporation is a leading manufacturer of spray gun cleaners, parts washers, and solvent recyclers. When your goal is to keep your supplies in good repair so they will last longer and perform better, this is the company you want by your side.

Invest in a full-service Uni-Ram gun washer, with options to clean multiple guns as you move up the product line to include the complete Uniram Gun Cleaning Workstation. Reduce your waste (and your overhead) with a Solvent Recycler that can hold up to 6.6 gallons at a time and completes its cycle in less than six hours. Get rid of bulky can waste with an Oil Filter and Can Crusher that reduces trash volume by up to 75 percent.

No matter what your ideal spray gun cleaning station looks like, we carry the right Uni-Ram products to make your job easier. And because we offer everyday low prices and shipping right from the manufacturer, you won’t find better customer service and deals anywhere on the web.

About Uni-Ram Corporation

Uni-Ram’s automotive cleaners and solvents are part of an environmentally-friendly approach to running a collision repair shop. The nature of the industry means that many types of solvents are hazardous (both to the planet and to people), which means finding a safe way to clean your equipment and recycle the solvents is a must.

Since its inception, Uni-Ram has been dedicated to reducing waste and unnecessary cleaning costs in a variety of fields. In addition to serving the automotive industry, this company also services the print and industrial markets.

Feel good about the way your business is run, meet local and national regulations, and save money while you do it. With Uni-Ram products being sold world-wide, there’s no reason to hesitate in adding this company’s products to your lineup. Visit Auto Body Toolmart for all your shop equipment and shop supplies needs. We carry a large selection of shop supplies for sale including cleaners, solvents, adhesives, sandpaper, and much more.

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