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U-Pol Paint Products

There are times when any old primer will do, and there are times when you only want the best. When quality matters, U-Pol paint products are the way to go. Offering everything from basic build primer to VOC-compliant hardeners, our selection of U-Pol paint supplies is one of the most comprehensive you’ll find on the Web. Purchase a one-time aerosol can for a specific project, or make sure you always have the right supplies on hand by ordering in bulk – Auto Body Toolmart and U-Pol paint products make it easy.

Professional auto body repair professionals know that when it comes to having basic quality paint and primer supplies, U-Pol is the place to turn. With specialized products like Sandable Glass Fiber Paste and high-quality hardeners, you'll soon see for yourself why so many professionals utilize this product line again and again.

Experience the U-Pol Difference

U-Pol is a U.K.-based company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of automotive refinishing products throughout over 100 countries worldwide. Their extensive line of paints, primers, and compounds include body fillers, coatings, aerosols, polishing compounds, and other automotive consumables.

In operation for over 60 years, U-Pol has become a familiar name in the autobody repair field. Because of the high quality of their products, they’re most often used at the professional level, and can’t always be found in traditional repair supply stores. Because Auto Body Toolmart is dedicated to ensuring that you have access to top-level painting supplies no matter where you’re located, we’re ready to ship all the U-Pol paint, primer, clear coat products, and glaze and putty you need today.

For all of your car paint and paint booth needs contact Auto Body Toolmart. We carry a large selection of anything you need for your home workshop or full-service body shop.

U-Pol Gravitex HS Stone Chip Protector
Regular Price: $34.99
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U-Pol Guide #7 Dry Guide Coat - UP0873
Regular Price: $15.49
On Sale For: $8.99