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Transtar Autobody Technologies is a leader in the automotive refinishing and repair space. They manufacturer some of the finest primers, adhesives, sealants, and clearcoats in the business. We have carried the Transtar line for many years and feel confident that their innovative and environmentally friendly products like waterborne primers and low VOC paints are a testament to their success.

Transtar paints and primers like the Transtar 2K Epoxy Primer are fantastic products that resist rust and corrosion and are priced extremely well. Having an affordable paint and primer supplier like Transtar will allow even the weekend warrior and small scale body shop to get a quality finish without breaking the bank. The nice thing about Transtar primer and sealer is that they are extremely user friendly and will work with most water based, solvent based topcoats. They are so dynamic that they even will work with single stage paint systems like many enamel and urethane based paints.

Transtar Makes More Than Primer & Sealer

Transtar is a dynamic company that creates products that solve many issues and not just paints and primers. Their line of paint and surface cleaners like Speedi Scat Wax & Grease Remover is a life saver when preparing surfaces that may not be 100% ready. Transtar also carries a full line of chip guards and protective coatings to help protect your projects from road debris and accidents. Priming and painting rubber and plastic can be very tricky. There is a lot of movement and flex in plastic body panels and having Transtar additives will allow you to successfully tackle these difficult projects.

For all in one primers and sealers that are well priced, dependable, and long lasting buy Transtar automotive products. Auto Body Toolmart has a large inventory of Transtar products ready to ship at low low prices. Order your body shop supplies and tools today with Auto Body Toolmart!