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Transmission Tools

Having the right automotive transmission tools on the job is an absolute must for any good auto body technician. With ABTM, you can stock your floor with all the proper sockets and socket sets to make sure you are ready to go. Save time with the Steck Axle Popper Wedge and Shim Kit, which pops half shafts loose from the engine, and works on various front wheel drive vehicles. The GearWrench Fuel & Transmission Line Disconnect Tool Kit, 12 Pc boasts disconnect tools that separate fittings on fuel, filter, transmission, air conditioning systems and fuel tank return lines on most vehicles, heavy equipment, and trucks. If you need versatility, the OTC GM Transmission Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool is specially designed to work in tight places, with operation so simple you can do it with one hand. Ready to buy? Choose from the many options for auto transmission hand tools offered here at ABTM and get to work!