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Towing/Warning Lights

Towing a trailer or driving a work vehicle is not an easy thing to do at times. Weather, visibility, and other obstacles on the road can be a problem. Another major issues is other drivers and one way to prevent issues when towing a trailer or driving a tow vehicle is to have proper auto warning lights.

Adding a lightbar to the top of a truck or SUV can be an easy way to add a sense of safety and awareness to your vehicle. They are easy to mount and do not take a whole lot of work to wire. Another easy way to add warning lights to your vehicle is to add a beacon light to the top of your roof. Everyone has seen these and they are a rotating amber light that other drivers can see from a long distance.

Auto Safety Lights For Towing Trailers & Vehicles

Auto Body Toolmart understands that safety is crucial and we are proud to carry the latest and best warning and towing lights on the market. We have a full selection of lightbars, beacon lights, minibar lights, and work lights. Our line of ECCO safety lights for towing and warning lights for other equipment is great for any vehicle and we even carry the latest color rearview camera on the market.

If you have broken or missing safety lights for your trailer or tow vehicle or maybe you bought a new plow truck and need an amber warning beacon light on the top to protect you as you plow snow, contact Auto Body Toolmart today. We have everything you need for your vehicle or trailer to keep you safe on the road. If you have questions about any specific products or are not sure what to order, let one of our experienced sales reps help you now.