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Tool Boards

Tool Boards for Garages

Few things are worse than investing in high-quality tool sets only to be unable to find the equipment you need. Tool chests are a great way to store your belongings, and tool carts make them easily accessible while you work, but if you want the best type of garage organization out there, what you really need are tool boards. By allowing you to store your tools, chains, levers, and accessories vertically on the wall, tool boards mean you can always find what you’re looking for – and have plenty of space to spare in your garage.

Even better, the body shop tool boards and other shop storage solutions we carry here at Auto Body Toolmart aren’t just for organizational purposes. We sell fully complete tool board sets that include everything you need to set up a first-class garage. With hundreds of parts included in the purchase price, you not only get a new way to set up your shop, you also get name brand, high-quality tool sets that are ideal for use in the collision repair industry.

Tool Boards from Champ, Chassis Liner, Mo-Clamp, and More

When you’re starting from square one, you can’t beat Champ’s Equipment Manager Board of Accessories. This 4x8’ foot board contains almost everything you need for basic collision repair, including clamps, chains and hooks, pull plates, slings, pull kits, a draw bar, and tram gauge. It even comes with a lease-to-own option that breaks down your purchase into easy monthly installments. When you're working with a budget, the Champ Economy Toolboard offers an excellent assortment of tools for the price. Mo-Clamp's No. 5 and No. 9 Toolboards are some great options as well. 

You can also find tool boards for garages like the Mo-Clamp Deluxe Tool Board, the Chassis Liner Chain Tool Board, or even Champ’s Specialty Clamp Tool Board. These specialty products are easy to organize and store – and you also get the quality tools and chains to go with them.

Useful in commercial, industrial, and personal environments, tool boards for garages usually come in a peg-board style, which makes it easy to move tools around in a way that makes sense for you. No matter what type of shop equipment you need, we have it at warehouse direct prices and ready to ship the same day. Visit Auto Body Toolmart for all your work shop needs.