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Stud Guns & Accessories

An auto body stud gun welder is the perfect tool for when you need to straighten metal and pull dents. With features like low-heat transformers that pack a powerful punch, lightweight ergonomic designs, and fully stocked kits and accessories to go along with the stud gun itself, the tools we carry at Auto Body Toolmart are ideal for comprehensive repairs.

There are several different brands of stud guns available through our warehouse. Some of the more popular options include Uni-Spotter, Magna-Spot and Steck, just to name a few.

Within the Uni-Spotter line, one of our most popular tool kits is the Uni-Spotter Starter Kit Plus, which includes everything you need to bang out unsightly dents, including a starter welder, welding studs, stud welding tip and deluxe slide hammer. Uni-Spotter also sells studs separately if you need to restock your supply.

Magna-Spot offers an Entry Plus Stud Welder Kit that reduces the chances of burn-through, as well as a Motor Guard Magna-Spot 1000 Kit for easy, immediate use and one of the most user-friendly grips out there. And for improved control when removing dents, check out the Stud Buddy, which is a popular customer favorite.

No matter which brand of stud gun you prefer to use, you’ll also find that we stock several different options in studs, replacement tips, and wire bundles. This makes it easy for you to access all the supplies you need in one convenient and affordable location.

High-Quality Auto Body Stud Guns and Welder Accessories 

At Auto Body Toolmart, we believe in supporting small businesses and individuals interested in automotive repair and restoration. Whether you’ve been in operation for decades or are just learning the trade, you’ll find that our stud guns and accessories provide everything you need to complete the job.

And with great shipping, quality customer service and manufacturer warranties you can count on, you’ll soon discover that you don’t want — or need — to buy your automotive tools anywhere else!