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Slide Hammers & Kits

Nothing ruins a car’s perfect finish quite like a dent that refuses to budge. Whether you’re pulling dents in fenders, eliminating pings caused by hail or rocks, or popping out pulleys, we offer a variety of auto body slide hammer options to help you achieve a perfect look. 

For heavy duty dent-pulling jobs, it’s important to have tools that can handle quite a bit of force. That’s why we carry a selection of heavier-duty slide hammers, like the Professional Dent Puller Set, which relies on drop-forged steel and attachments. For more specialized, detailed work, we offer both 5-pound and 3-pound slide hammer options. These auto slide hammer kits allow you to achieve just the right amount of pressure without causing additional damage to the car’s exterior.

If you prefer slide hammers with pneumatic hookups, we also offer suction slide hammers with capabilities of up to 300 pounds of suction — a must-have if you plan on offering paintless dent removal that lasts.

Auto Body Slide Hammers and More

We know that working in a garage or auto-body repair shop means you need a variety of tools and supplies that stand up to wear and tear. That’s why our range of slide hammers and dent puller sets include brands like Champ, Morgan, and our most popular OTC equipment with convenient carrying cases and supplies.

We also go beyond auto body slide hammers to ensure that you have access to a variety of finishing tools. Feel free to explore our website to select the product you already rely on every day, or contact our sales team to learn how you can leverage our lineup of goods to get the best results. With an enormous warehouse stocked with supplies we can stand behind, we’re prepared to send you everything you need.