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Shop Towels

Low in cost, reinforced for heavy-duty cleanup, and available in large bulk sizes, automotive shop towels are one of the most common sights in a modern auto-body repair shop. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in or how many cars you service every year – from huge commercial enterprises to amateur restoration enthusiasts, it’s always important to keep your workspace clean.

At Auto Body Toolmart, we supply a large collection of shop towels, drying towels, absorbent pads, and rags to help you maintain your tools and clean up spills with ease.

For general cleaning purposes, look to brands like Krew shop towels and Scott shop towels. Because these shop towels are low in cost and disposable, they allow you to manage your cleaning process quickly and easily – and without having to pay a fortune for more inventory.

When you need a more durable shop towel for polishing and finishing, you may want to look beyond disposable options for things like Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels with a high rate of absorbency and a streak-free finish. Our cleaning supplies also include specialty items like Devilbiss Scrubs Hand Cleaner Towels, which can be used to remove paint and debris from metal surfaces without transferring to your hands.

Safe Shop Towel Disposal and Practices

Because many of the materials you work with in a garage are hazardous to the environment, it’s important to have good disposal habits for all your used shop towels and towel laundry facilities. In fact, in some locations, it’s illegal to toss out towels used for specific chemicals, as they require hazardous waste disposal methods.

Always check with your state or county to learn about environmental regulations related to cleanup and shop towel disposal in your area.