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Rust Prevention

Rust buildup can not only make a car’s body look bad, but it can make the metal structurally unsound for repairs and refinishing. That’s why we make it easy to eliminate rust with our selection of automotive rust prevention products, including automotive rust converters, sealers, primers, and fighters. Offered from companies like 3M, Rusfre, and SEM, you’ll find top products from brands you trust – and you can have them delivered right to your door.

Minnesota-based 3M remains one of the top choices for sealants, adhesives, and chemical applications that improve a car’s finish. The 3M Mar-Hyde One Step Rust Converter Primer Sealer and One Step Rust Converter are ideal for when you need to covert rust without having to resort to hand sanding. By chemically sealing the rust and providing a smooth finish, you can skip many of the more time-intensive repairs associated with this kind of work.

3M also sells a Rust Fighter and matching application wand that can help prevent corrosion in the future. Easy to spray on and sold in large, quart-sized packages, this product is ideal when you need to protect areas where you’ve been doing repairs. Other popular brands like Rusfre offer rustproofing for close-fitting areas, while SEM can be used beyond auto-body repair shops to include marine and industrial shops.

Rust Converters and Online Shipping

If you run a large or busy auto body repair shop, you may need to keep a large supply of automotive rust converters and auto primer sealer on hand. At Auto Body Toolmart, we make it easy for you to maintain your current inventory level by shipping your supplies per-bottle or in larger quantities you can keep on the shelves.

Because of the chemical makeup of rust converters and automotive rust prevention supplies, it’s not possible to send them outside the continental United States. Contact our sales team for more information on how you can purchase these and similar supplies.