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Respirators & Breathing Systems

Whenever you have a project to tackle, you need to stop and analyze the tools you need. But before you begin, make sure you have safety equipment that fits the task. A must-have for every shop is a quality automotive paint respirator to combat dust, smoke, overspray, and other harmful odors and chemicals.

Safety is not only for the things we know are dangerous like welding, cutting, and grinding. Sometimes it is the things we do not see or recognize. Many of these invisible health hazards can be prevented with an auto paint mask and face shield. We carry a full line of respirators, face masks, and breathing systems to help keep you safe. A simple particulate mask can keep sanding dust, saw dust, grinding debris, and smoke from getting into your lungs. It is a simple safety device to use and perfect for many DIY projects, shop tasks, and quick fixes. They are inexpensive and come in various sizes that are sure to fit.

We carry half and full facepiece respirators, as well as peel-off lens covers to protect your respirator from scratching and overspray. Shop our selection to find an automotive paint respirator product that's right for your needs.

Auto Respirators For Any Project or Situation

Not all auto breathing respirators are equal. While many can protect you from dust and particles, what if you have to work with chemicals and fumes? We carry air respirators, hooded respirators, supplied air-systems, and masks with organic filters to help you safely tackle any task. These systems can handle the odors, fumes, and off gassing of chemicals like paint, primer, acids, and much more. While some of these pollutants and chemicals may not be damaging from short exposures, they can be if you use them often like in a production body shop. No matter your level of exposure or how often you are exposed to these chemicals and contaminants you need to take safety precautions and stay safe and healthy.

Whether you need dust masks, auto breathing respirators, supplied air systems or face shields, you can count on Auto Body Toolmart to carry everything you need to keep you and your employees safe.