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DIY Articles: How to Do Auto Body Repair

Whether you’re a classic car restoration hobbyist, body shop owner, service manager, school instructor, used car dealership owner or simply a DIY handyman when it comes to car repairs and restorations, we have you covered with expert insight on how to perform common auto body repair jobs.

Are you a hobbyist and a good writer? If you’re interested in writing instructional content in exchange for store credit to Auto Body Toolmart, contact us to learn how to get involved. Help us build the best community resource of instructional content for the auto-repair industry! Let's build something great.

HVLP Spray Gun

Gravity Feed vs Conventional Feed Spray Guns

When choosing an auto body paint spray gun, you must decide between a gravity feed or conventional feed design. One has a cup on bottom, the other on top...but there's more to it than that. This article clarifies differences between the two spray gun designs, commonalities between them (atomization of fluid) and the advantages/disadvantages of the different designs in light of air pressure. Read More...

Auto Glass Removal & Repair

How to Remove a Windshield, Repair/Replace Auto Glass

Sometimes, removing and replacing auto glass is necessary for an auto body repair job. Doing a clean job with professional weatherstripping and masking (to keep paint lines out of sight) can difficult, but we show you how to do it right. Oftentimes, you will need to remove the glass in order to do total restorations on classic cars, and this step is critical to get right. Learn all the tools and equipment you need for the job, and do it like a professional. Read More...

Auto Body Shop Layout Floor Plan

Auto Body Shop Layout & Floor Plans for Anchor Pots

Looking for a layout for your auto body shop or home auto repair workshop? Use these floor plans to set up your shop with Champ floor anchor pots, such as the top-selling Champ 1600. By planning it right the first time, you'll make the best use of your space and maximize your options for pulling angles. Read More..

Rough Out: How to Beat Out a Dent

How to Fix a Dent in a Car: Basic Dent Removal and Refinishing

Need tips on how to do basic dent repair? Use these steps to get the job done. You will learn how to rough out the damage and then grind and fill the dent with body filler. From there you will learn how to properly shape and sand the body filler and finish with a final sanding. ...Read More...

Step 1: Sanding

3M™ Perfect-It™ III Paint Finishing System Kit

This article gives you step by step instructions on how to do large panel repairs using 3M™'s Perfect-It III Paint Finishing System. Begin with sanding the surface to refine scratches and do texture matching. ...Read More...



Champ Uni-Bench Stall

Setup Instructions for Champ Uni-Bench Stall System

This guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to setup the Champ Uni-Bench Stall System. It also gives setup recommendations for the floor anchor layout for the Uni-Bench Stall. ...Read More...


Floor Anchor Parts

Installation and Removal Instructions for Floor Anchor Pots

A complete guide to installation and removal of Floor Anchor Pots. Also includes instructions for installing anchors for new floors. ...Read More...





Steck bIg Easy

Steck Big Easy Lockout Tools

The Steck BigEasy is a 55 inch steel rod coated in a high visibility powder coating. Because of its long length, it is ideal for depressing the unlock button, accessing the pull handle, and lifting the lock button. ...Read More...



Paint Booth Organization

Keep Your Paint Booth Clean & Organized

Maximize productivity and keep your paint booth clean by keeping it free of debris and clutter. Hose guides keep your floors clear and you can protect your booth walls liquid coatings. ...Read More...



Paint Booth Manometers

Paint Booth Manometers

Overtime paint booth filters will clog up. By installing a manometer you can determine exactly when a filter needs to be changed. Don't waste money by switching out your filters prematurely.   ...Read More...



Paint Booth Lighting

Paint Booth Lighting

Proper paint booth lighting should allow you to properly see paint color without any sort of tinting effects. Paint booth lights should provide consistent lighting throughout the entire interior. You should have good lighting on all areas of the vehicle that is being painted.  ...Read More...



Paint Booth Lighting

Paint Booth Ventilation

The best way to protect yourself and your employees from danger is to construct a reliable paint booth ventilation system to ensure optimal air flow. Regular spray booth maintenance helps to prolong the life of your spray booth, improve your quality of work and protect your employees. ...Read More...



Hail Damage

How to Fix Hail Damage on a Car

Hail damage is one of the most common issues car owners face. Oftentimes, hail damage is mild — so mild that in some cases it’s barely noticeable. However, there are instances where golf ball- or even baseball-size hail will strike and wreak havoc on cars. Hail damage should always be addressed by a professional body shop, they will have the necessary tools and experience to safely repair your vehicle. ...Read More...



Paint Booth Heater

How to Heat a Paint Booth

A paint booth should be kept at at least 55 degrees for best results, but coatings will cure faster in warmer temperatures. Proper paint booth temperature will provide the best results. You can purchase infrared lamps or you can buy a whole paint booth heating unit to heat your paint booth. ...Read More...




How to Remove Rust from a Car

Rust, formally known as iron oxide, forms when iron or a material containing iron is exposed to oxygen and moisture for an extended period of time. Giving your car the tender love and care it deserves will help prevent car rust from forming. Keep up with washing and waxing and store your car in a garage when possible. If you do notice rust forming, take action. ...Read More...






Types of Automotive Paint

Having the best products for fixing rust, sealing bare metal, laying a bold coat of color, and covering your colors with a durable clear coat are all important parts of the perfect paint job. Automotive paint is made of three components: a pigment, which gives the paint its color; a thinner, which levels out the consistency of the paint; and a binder to bind the pigment and thinner. ...Read More...



Automotive Paint Spray

5 Common Car Paint Problems & How to Fix Them

Car paint problems are a burden for shop owners and auto enthusiasts alike. These can be costly problems due to having to repaint repairs or an entire vehicle. The good news is that, with the proper preparation and technique, they can be avoided. Learn how to avoid and how to fix fisheyes, color mismatches and more. ...Read More...


Car Sanders

Types of Car Sanders

Here at Auto Body Toolmart, we stock a vast selection of sanders to meet any need. Whether you’re looking for a sander that will provide a lot of power or something to reach into tricky nooks and crannies, we’re bound to have just the right tool for your needs. ...Read More...






Car Lifts

Types of Car Lifts

Car lifts are probably the most important tool in a mechanic’s workspace, and they are used more often throughout a given work day than any other piece of equipment. A car lift is a heavy-duty steel framework that allows the mechanic to lift a car, motorcycle, or heavy vehicle up off the ground in order to offer more workspace and allow easy access to parts of the vehicle that would otherwise be difficult to access had the vehicle remained on the ground. ...Read More...



Automotive Scan Tools

Automotive Scan Tools for Cars

Scan tools, multimeters, and diagnostic cameras are all essential to the inner workings of the standard garage, with capabilities ranging from identifying and diagnosing or clearing codes to running internal diagnostics and gathering data. ...Read More...






Painting a Car

How to Paint a Car

Repainting your own vehicle can sound like a daunting task but is one that lies well within your grasp. Get the proper supplies and prepare your workspace. Painting your own vehicle is time-consuming, so make sure to set aside a few days or several weekends to complete the task. ...Read More...





Air Compressors

Air Compressors for Painting

An air compressor is what powers a spray gun, making it an essential tool for any body shop. If yours fails, there’s no way you can finish that paint job unless you buy a new one. Buying a properly sized air compressor for auto painting will help you avoid common painting issues while enhancing your productivity. ...Read More...





Infratech Curing Lamps

Paint Curing Lamps

There are a lot of benefits to using an IR paint curing lamp. IR heat significantly reduces the amount of time required for all air-drying finishes such as primers, base coats, top coats, fillers and fiberglass. ...Read More...






How to Remove Car Paint

How to Remove Car Paint

There is a proper way to remove paint from a car. The process of removing old paint and rust is quite simple with the right tools and work space.There are three common vehicle paint-removal methods available: sanding, chemical and sandblasting. ...Read More...






Body Fillers

Types of Body Filler

Auto body filler is a great way to smooth out a dent or ding as long as it is used properly. It is as much an art form as drywallers are with drywall mudding and sanding. You want the result to look like there was never a dent or damage there. we carry all the Bondo, body filler, fiberglass materials, and hardeners you need to get the job done. ...Read More...





How to choose a paint gun

How to Choose a Car Paint Gun

Automotive paint guns come in many sizes, which will allow you to use the right amount of product for the job. A high-quality paint gun is able to adjust for flow, spread, and speed. Learn how to pick the right paint gun for your project here. ...Read More...






Spray Gun Cleaning & Maintenance

A Guide to Spray Gun Maintenance

Items like paint spray guns might seem like a hassle to keep clean and ready-to-use, but with a few tips and tricks, it can be very simple....Read More...




Rubberized Undercoating

Different Types of Vehicle Undercoating

Undercoating helps protect your vehicle against rust and corrosion. Seals on the underbelly parts have gotten a lot tighter and more effective at keeping out dust and moisture, but there are other factors to consider. ...Read More...




Painting Accessories

Car Painting Equipment & Accessories

You’ve got your paint booth and paint gun set-ups and your ventilation systems are up to code, but providing employees with a wide range of tools and proper protective gear is also important. ...Read More...




Shop Fans

Auto Body Shop Ventilation Systems

Knowing which type of ventilation system is right for your auto body shop can go a long way towards keeping employees healthy and happy, and making sure your business is functioning the way it should by meeting auto repair shop ventilation requirements. ...Read More...




Paint Booth Size Guide

Paint Booth Size & Dimension Guide

Paint booths are an essential item for any auto body shop. They tend to help make painting and refinishing vehicles and parts quicker, easier, and yield better paint results. The type of ventilation system your paint booth will use is an important factor to consider as well. ...Read More...




Frame Repair

How to Fix Frame Damage on a Car

When the damage to the cars you repair goes deeper than dings and dents on the surface, you will need the help of an experienced auto body shop with the proper equipment to restore its shape. Auto body frame machines are ideal when you need to restore the frame to its original shape quickly, easily, and safely. ...Read More...




Paint Prep

Prepping a Car for Paint

Painting your own vehicle can actually be a simple process if you’ve thoroughly prepped the car for paint. Making sure you have the proper space and tools will also be highly beneficial to achieving a clean and timely paint finish. ...Read More...