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When you want high-quality automotive tools that are crafted of the finest materials and stand up to repeated use, Ranger products are the solution. This product line, recognizable by its signature red color and heavy-duty steel construction, is a must-have in any garage that cares about quality and consistency.

Because it is such a large product line, Ranger tools cover just about every need your garage has. For better organization and tool storage, Ranger Super-Wide Tool Cabinets provide a long-lasting, durable solution that you can build on for years to come. Tire changing in a small shop or garage has never been easier than with the Ranger Manual Tire Changer, which offers efficient operation on a variety of vehicle types. And Ranger jacks get you underneath a car in seconds, whether you need a basic 1½ ton jack or a more durable 10 ton option.

Ranger tools have a reputation for being durable, hardy, and reliable – three things that are essential when you work with a large volume of cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. And because the company prides itself on being accessible to all sizes and types of garages, the price always makes sense.

About Ranger Products and Tools

Ranger tools are part of the BendPak line of products. A long-time manufacturer of car lifts, exhaust pipe benders, and air compressors, BendPak has been providing automotive service solutions to garages throughout the United States for over 45 years.

Ranger products were first introduced in 1997 as a way for the company to expand its reach and catalog base. In addition to the specialized automotive gear the company was known for, BendPak began to include everything from floor jacks and tool storage chests to shop presses and auto parts washers. With the same great company name and quality guarantee behind the gear, it’s no wonder that Ranger tools have stood up to continued use and can be found in almost every garage across the country. So when you need tire changing machines or wheel balancing equipment order from Auto Body Toolmart. We carry everything you need for your garage or full service repair shop!