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Your auto body repair shop is only as good as the tools you rely on. Human strength can only get you so far when it comes to pulling out dents, steering wheels, frames, and more. For the most efficient lifting, towing, pulling, and tensioning power, you need high-quality steering wheel pullers , windshield wiper arm pullers and other auto body puller tools and kits from brands you trust.

GearWrench ratcheting pullers combine incredible strength with features like quick-release jaws and legs that index into position. KD Tools offer everything from basic harmonic balancer pullers to specialized steering pump kits for installation and removal. Within the OTC brand of pulling products, you’ll find everything from individual 10-ton grips to complete puller sets that feature slide hammer pullers and step plate adaptor sets.

Many of these auto body puller tools can be combined and interchanged within your garage, making it even easier for you to see your project through to the end.

Purchasing the Right Pullers for the Job

Because having the right equipment for your industry is a must, we always recommend you start out with one of the complete puller sets like those offered from OTC (their hydraulic puller sets are impressive if you need a construction equipment service set). Because these sets make it possible for you to invest in all the equipment you need right from the start, you can end up saving hundreds of dollars and have everything you need within arm’s reach.

We also make it easy for you to build your tool chest piece by piece. Buy a slide hammer puller set or invest only in the jaw puller you need right now. With the same great shipping rates regardless of how big your order is, we never charge you more for only buying as much as you need.

Save money, buy top body shop wheel puller brands, and enjoy the Auto Body Toolmart customer service guarantee while you do it!