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Shrinking Discs

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The Shrinking Discs operate on the principle of using the friction created by spinning discs to shrink raised sheet metal.Shrinking Discs are a much safer option to traditional torch shrinking methods. Note that you can use the shrinking discs on stretched metal (raised area) only. The areas that are low must be corrected with a body hammer and a dolly to get close to the proper contour.

How to Prepare Your Surface to Use the Shrinking Discs
  • Make sure that both sides of the panel surface are free of paint or coating before using the shrinking disc
  • Get the surface as close as possible to the original contour by using a hammer and a dolly.
  • Mount the shrinking disc in your angle grinder with the help of a hard rubber backing pad.
  • Trigger the disc to check for defects and cracks. It is normal that your shrinking disc will turn rough with use. Use an 80 grit abrasive paper to smooth the spinning disc.
  • Apply a light coating of soapy water to the surface for cooling the hot metal surface. The metal surface turns hot when it contacts the shrinking disc and the metal shrinks when cooled.
  • When you successfully shape the surface, prep as required for the primer.
Key Features of the Shrinking Discs:
  • The discs are capable of shrinking stretched or damaged metal panels by applying heat through surface contact friction produced between disc and body panel
  • These shrinking discs are best used on right angle grinders with 5/8"-11 spindles
  • The discs are made from .060/.065 Stainless Steel
  • The steel is noted for flatness and balance with a 90° turned up out lip for added rigidity
  • Surface to be repaired must be dollied up equal to or slightly higher for the shrinking to occur.
  • Comes complete with an operation instructional manual
  • Available in 4" and 9" diameter discs
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