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SATA RPS Disposable Cups with Lid and Filter

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Authorized SataDistributors such as Auto Body Toolmart are not allowed to sell Sataproducts over the internet. Beware of sites that claim to offergenuine Sata items. They are not authorized and you may be buying afake or an item that won't be covered under Sata's warranty.

Not Available For Purchase From Our Website.
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The right cup for every paint job!

1 cup - 4 functions
Mixing Paint - Refilling - Painting - Storing

The SATA RPS Disposable Cups with Lid and Filter provide you with the basic products for a professional paint job. These disposable cups are very efficient and versatile, and you can use them for mixing, refilling, painting, and storing

RPS stands for Rapid Preparation System, and that's what these products will allow you to do, prepare for a job rapidly. We recommend this product for all those who are particular about a perfectly finished paint job. Not only will it help your business, but it will make your work easier by reducing the usage of cleaning solutions and solvents.

Uses for the SATA RPS Disposable Cups with Lid and Filter:

Mixing the Paint
  • Can be used for mixing the paint and reduces the usage of numerous mixing cups and sieves, as this versatile cup can do it all
  • Less contact with paint translates to a cleaner work area
Note: There are different types of sieves for different paints. Please follow the paint manufacturer's instructions for best results.

Painting and Refilling
  • Lightweight cups are easy to handle
  • Low center of gravity makes it safe and reduces fatigue
  • Usually, only the spray gun will require flushing, and you can refill the cups very easily
Storing the Paint
  • Well-designed cups and its airtight lids make it easy to store paint, away from any contaminants
  • Can be conveniently disposed of. Does not require any special disposal system
Special Features:
  • Comprises only three parts ‚Äì cup, lid, and sleeve ‚Äì and is very easy to use
  • Does not need extra adapters for fitting to the spray gun
  • Cleaning is very simple, allowing you to change colors in between the project
  • Continuous ventilation through the anti-drip device gives you a consistent flow of paint
  • Available in 3 sizes: 0.3 l, 0.6 l, and 0.9 l

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