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Glass Technology Vanish Professional Windshield Repair Kit - VANISH

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The Future of Windshield Repair
Boasting the patented DarkCure sub 15-second fully integrated UV curing system, patent-pending SpeedLock multi-position injector, OneTouch Air Release Valve, and industry-leading vacuum/pressure capacity, the VANISH windshield repair system represents a quantum leap forward in repair technology.

NEW - Sub-15 Second DarkCure Extreme UV LED Curing System
After 10 years shrouded in top-secret development, GT Tools is releasing the DarkCure Technology platform into the world. A radical breakthrough in the windshield repair industry; Ultra-High Intensity, Short Duration UV LED curing penetrates deeply into any repair from all sides, cutting cure times by 90% and improving cure strength even after the system is turned off!

Stainless Steel Injector Components
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the VANISH injectors are precision machined using 303 stainless steel materials that are designed to provide decades of reliability.

SpeedLock Injector Technology and OneTouch Air Release Valve
Utilizing a multi-position locking injector, SpeedLock allows for a simple and easy transition between Vacuum and Pressure. Produce consistent, professional, high-quality repairs every time. Simply push the OneTouch Air Release button to instantly release air when transitioning between vacuum and pressure.

Helios Positioning System
Gone are the days of threading your injector into the bridge. Just slide the injector into the bridge and give it a half turn to seal it to the glass.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 TCS-SM Small Tech Case
  • 1 CFOAM-VANISH VANISH Small Tech Case Foam
  • 1 VBRG VANISH Bridge Assembly
  • 1 VIA VANISH Injector Assembly
  • 1 CDRL Cordless Drill with Charger
  • 1 PRB Carbide Probe
  • 1 RZR Razor Blades 10pk
  • 1 PITSQ Pit Squares 25 Pack
  • 1 SCL Suction Cup Lube
  • 1 PITG Pit Gloss
  • 1 PITT Pit Tape
  • 2 CJ Crack Jacks
  • 1 NC Needle Cap
  • 1 FP Fender Protector
  • 2 DBM Medium Drill Bits 5 Pack
  • 1 MIR-2 Magnifying Mirror 2 Inch
  • 1 BULL Bullseye Making Tool
  • 1 SH Slide Hammer
  • 1 PL Pen Light
  • 1 SKB Seal Box
  • 1 VIS VANISH Injector Seals 5 Pack
  • 1 VPS VANISH Plunger Seals 10 Pack
  • 1 VUSB VANISH USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 VCHGR VANISH 8.4v USB Wall Charger
  • 1 RLVAF-15 Low Viscosity Resin 15cc
  • 1 RMVAF-15 Medium Viscosity Resin 15cc
  • 1 RHVAF-15 High Viscosity Resin 15cc
  • 1 RCRAF-15 Long Crack Repair Resin 15cc
  • 1 RPF-15 High Viscosity Pit Filler 15cc
  • 1 MANUAL Instruction Manual/ Training Link/ Catalog
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