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Glass Technology Vanish DarkCure Extreme UV Bridge & Lamp Assembly - VBRG

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Sub-15 Second DarkCure Extreme UV LED Curing System
After 10 years shrouded in top-secret development, GT Tools is releasing the DarkCure Technology platform into the world. A radical breakthrough in the windshield repair industry; Ultra-High Intensity, Short Duration UV LED curing penetrates deeply into any repair from all sides, cutting cure times by 90% and improving cure strength even after the system is turned off!

Extreme Intensity UV Diodes
4 of the strongest commercially available 365nm UV LED Diodes Output 4000% more intensity than the BluWave UV Curing system, promoting nearly immediate cross-linking and polymerization in the resin curing process. Faster Curing, Stronger Results.

Charge and Go
The DarkCure integrated Lithium Ion Battery will last approximately 150-200 repairs before needing to be recharged. 1 hr charging is as easy as plugging the DarkCure system into an outlet with the included charger.

The Most Technologically Advanced, Self-Contained UV-Curing System Available
Only available at GT Tools and authorized distributors, The DarkCure system utilizes an integrated lithium-ion battery for long-lasting rechargable power. Our DarkCure LED technology employs cutting edge durability, with an LED lifespan of over 150,000 repairs.

The VBRG is both a UV Curing Lamp and the tool that attaches the Vanish Injector Assembly to the windshield.
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